Monday, March 10, 2008

Hot Stuff

No not me.. the weather! It's Labour Day Monday today, and the BBQ is certainly not happening here. It is 39 degrees celcius out there, or 102.2 for those of you on that scale. Just a tad too hot for partying in the sun, and really too hot for doing much at all. So what better time to start some of my sewing projects than now.

I have a wedding to attend in two weeks and wanted something not so ' off the rack ' for the occasion. It will still be a conservative affair, so I have chosen to go with a conservative style in a great print. I'm using a Vintage Butterick pattern (I haven't done a vintage pattern before so we'll see what pit falls that may hold) and a great floral print heavy stretch cotton.

There is also a fabulous Capelet included in the pattern that I'd love to make too, but I am yet to find just the right yummy fabric for it. I am thinking of a light weight purple wool and a French navy, slightly sparkley lining. So if I can get my hands on these in time for the Wedding, I'll post some pics here too. If not, well I can always go all out and make a wicked plaid number to wear with jeans later on. Now, I just have to finish it!

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