Monday, March 3, 2008

Bugs Triumph as Melbourne Fashion Week Kicks Off

It was a day of small jobs today. I have so many things on my To Do list, that it is quite ridiculous and I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed. I am trying to write it all down but I find that as soon as I cross one thing off, another three appear. So today was spent taking a small bite from my list and trying to finish at least one thing rather than not finishing loads of little things. I started a project working on decorating my daughters bed room at the beginning of January. I thought I'd knock it over in a couple of days, but here I am nearly two months on and I am still spray painting furniture while all her clothes sit in a pile on the floor. This is a lesson in, " Oh I'll just...." that of course never is "just".

I also have loads of sewing projects to get finished and many to start. One project I did finally finish a couple of weeks ago is this fabulous skirt. It is a Scarab Beetle print which I just love. It has an asymmetrical hem and a stretch mesh insert. I added a button on the side seam so I can wear in long side gathered up to create volume and interest. It's a great light weight cotton and I can see this working well for winter too. Perhaps with those cool red boots from my previous post?

On another note; Melbourne Fashion Week kicked off last night . I am so excited by all the trends being showcased at the moment as so many of them fit my personal aesthetic. I'm not a fan of being 'on trend' head to toe, but,what it does mean for me is that I can get some great individual pieces to work into my own style. Although I can't say I know too many Grannys who dress like this?! Hopefully I get a chance to check out some of the shows and parties this week; but I think it is more likely that my other lovely blogging friends will have more luck without small children to tend to. So as I voraciously read and explore this week, I'll keep you all up to date with my favorite finds. Here goes!

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