Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fierce, Fabulous & Flawless

Congratulations Christian on a very well deserved win of Project Runway S4!

In the now very famous words of Christian Siriano, I am aiming to make every day, "Fierce, Fabulous and Flawless." And, yes, this is not always a feat achieved, but it is a great thing to focus your thoughts every morning.
And part of this process is waking up in a beautiful world. I have finally finished my wardrobe clear out, ( there are a few sneaky stragglers) and am now envisaging the serious makeover my whole bedroom needs. When we moved into this house almost twelve months ago, the Master bedroom was very high on the list of 'things that need to be addressed'. Now, the decoration is O.K., (if I were a Laura Ashley circa 1988 lover with grandchildren on the way!) but it is so not me. I have been planning our boudoir for some time now, and collecting perfect pieces as I go. But I have one major covet piece that I am yet to find here in Australia; the Mirrored Chest of Drawers. If any of you know where I can find these here, please please let me know!

So in my search for the perfect mirrored drawers, I came across this gorgeous site that is simply full of pieces I'd love to see, not only in my bedroom, but my whole house. Black Orchid Interiors
in the UK, have a gorgeous selection of furniture and lighting. And while I'm in this decorating head space, I also found these two perfect pieces for my studio.Now I realise this is not the best 'task lighting' but it is strawberry-licious.

And although I certainly would have no technical use for this mannequin, it was so lovely I thought it deserved a mention.

So back to my original point of this post; if you want to wake up each day and be "Fierce, Fabulous and Flawless", it can't be in a room with clothes piled on the floor, un-made beds and bad floral wall paper. It's not a question of funds, just make your room a place of inspiration and organised enough to find your hair straightener in a hurry!

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