Saturday, March 29, 2008

Swanky Panky

As the first of many weekly features on this blog, I introduce to you...........

Swanky Panky!

My weekly pick of all things stylish and sweet for consumption at your lesuire.

When it comes to accessories, I think I have something of an addiction. (Perhaps we have a whole other version of A.A on the cards here.) Be it hats or gloves, shoes or belts, bags or baubles, I've always loved the way accessories can take a fairly simple outfit and give you a whole new personality for a day. They are cheaper than therapy and are sure to make others happy too as you spread a little whimsy to the world.

This week I came across the work of Maartje aka Tizz, from Holland. If you are looking for a little sweet something to perk up your day, get on over to Tizzalicious. You'll find all sorts of cheerful little numbers for either your little girl, or the little girl in you. And as a bonus to all her hand made goodness, all worldwide shipping is only $5; no matter how large your order.

It seems that Posh and Becks (or at least their family stylist) have also found the chic and simple work of Made Her Think.
I love the way these cuffs look all tough and spiky, yet paradoxically have a soft and squishy quality to them. I think these are a winner for me as I am quite fond of the old school punk spiked cuffs and collars, but with two small children around, they aren't so kid friendly. These however, look perfect. And for a new twist on another old Goth favorite, I think I'd better get one of these lolly-like skull rings for good measure.


Tizzalicious said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my shop! You made my day!

Kit said...

cute accessories!!!

cuffedsk26 said...

I have a thing for accesories as well. Love the pyramid studded cuffs. IMHO you can't have too many studded items lol. ;)