Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Death of a Naturalist

I am often struck with inspiration for fabulous things I'd love to make. I get an idea into my head for something I would love to add to an outfit and when I can't find it in stores, off I go on another creative tangent. One of my latest fancies has been bugs. After a visit to Melbourne's Wunderkammer back in August, my adoration for beautiful dead things was re-kindled. I know that may sound a little creepy to some, but many of the antique taxidermy pieces at Wunderkammer are natures true works of art. They have the most incredible Peacock in full plumage as you enter the store.

Anyway, back to my point. No sooner had I checked out courses for setting objects in resin, and found some time in my schedule, that I came across the evocative work of J.W. Anderson.
After debuting his Accessory Collection in '07, J.W now brings us his "Death of a Naturalist" collection for Spring/Summer '08. Using beetles and bugs set in resin, he has created a unique collection of statement piece accessories. There is a wonderful sense of metaphorical darkness and light to his collection, as he pairs glistening Moon Bug carcasses with milky white pearls.
For something more everyday wear, if you have a penchant for drama like me, is this stunning beetle wing necklace from Matthew Williamson . (Williamson is currently the creative director over at Emilio Pucci, while still creating for his own label.)

So next time you're sitting on your porch / balcony at dusk, enjoying a glass of wine and pesky bugs keep flying into your face, just offer to make them a part of your next accessory collection and see how fast they fly!

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Leah said...

I don't know about bugs as jewelry (unless it's in amber) but I love mounted butterflies and bugs. I was a science teacher so that helps explain it but I love natural art - rocks, fossils and bugs. I have an antique, mounted butterfly and our neighbor is an entomologist and he has quite a few that are beautiful.