Monday, March 31, 2008

Colouring In

On Friday I went in to Rob at Dynamic for my first colouring session on the Koi tattoo. After a marathon five hours session, this is how far we got. All the black is now done and the colour on one flower, so there is still a fair bit to go. I have another session in a month and hopefully should be able to have the work finished then. The black shading wasn't as painful as the outline, but the flower was a bi*ch!
If you're in Melbourne and looking for an excellent tattooist, Rob has a real talent for traditional Japanese style work. He is also an entertaining conversationalist, keeping my mind off the process by discussing the merits of various Dr. Who episodes.
So for the next few days at least, my fashion options are somewhat limited, as I handle this with care.


Danielle said...

hot damn!

you'll be wearing some loose fitted dresses for sure.

Tizzalicious said...

Oh wow, that must be so painful!

Anonymous said...

it's beautiful ....well worth the pain i'm sure.