Monday, March 17, 2008

Saint Patricks Day Saturation

Oh, if only we were saturated! It is a hot 39 degrees C. here in Melbourne today. So any Saint Patrick's day drunken revelry will have to be done with appropriate sun safety. And while todays activities have been somewhat fashion limiting so far, I did wear green gym gear today; luckily green is supposed to be a cooling colour. :)

So in the spirit of Saint Patricks day, at least the way my friends and family celebrate, I am posting this gorgeous greenness as I dream about what I would like to be wearing and doing today. I am thinking a lovely stroll up Collins street to do a little shoe shopping, stopping in at Le Louvre for some autumn inspiration and an ice cold frappaccino in the shade of my little green parasol. Although it wouldn't really be St Patrick's without a visit to Bridie O'Rielly's for at least one Guinness.

So Irish or not, green is my pick for gorgeousness today. Oh, and don't be trying to chase any snakes away in those shoes. ;)

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