Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Weekend in The Country

My Man had a big bike race this weekend, (well done baby!) so we packed up the car and headed out to "The Bush". Not quite up for camping, we stayed at a little hotel in town, where we even got more than one towel!

Time tramping around in the bush does somewhat limit ones fashion opportunities, but it did give me a chance to take my new gumboots for a test run. I love their skulls and roses print. It reminds me of days spent hiding from teachers on the back oval at school, listening to Guns N Roses on a walkman, with whichever Bad Boy I was in love with that week.

This week I am looking forward to one of my favorite Autumn tasks - unpacking all my Winter wardrobe goodies. Those hats, scarves, gloves and the like, that are packed away every Summer. I was lucky enough to inherit eleven pairs of gloves from my Grandmother a few months ago. Some lovely black beaded ones, little red wrist length ones and various ivory embellished pairs. The weather here is still in that in between phase, so my arm warmers are getting quite a work out at the moment too. I love their slouchy grey goodness, always making me feel just a little Eliza Dolittle. So between the boots and the gloves I say , "bring on Autumn". Oh, but I do think I may have to go shopping for a new umbrella now.

Jean Paul Gaultier corset umbrella from Sera of London


Tizzalicious said...

Your boots are so great!

Having a nice umbrella makes rain so much less bad :)

trendinista said...

That is by far the sexiest umbrella I have ever seen!

Sheryl Wong said...

wow, what a cool umbrella! Sera of London sells fabulous chairs and sofas there too!