Sunday, April 27, 2008

Swanky Panky

When did you last have a date with yourself? The kind of night that doesn't involve track pants and a large tub of icecream, but a night of luxury and indulgence. There is much to be said for a little time of from the world to recharge your glamorous self. While almost every mag out there will have tips on how to give yourself a facial and pedicure, I suggest that setting the scene will do more to make you feel fabulous that just a coat of red polish. So, for this weeks Swanky Panky, I give you some of my suggestions for date night with a goddess; You.

  • Vintage lingere. This vintage 1940s long white sheer gown is from Wear it Again Sam. You'll find lots of delightful picks on Etsy.

  • You'll need a little something to keep your shoulders warm while you sip hot chocolate and read through all your old love letters. I suggest something a tad Old Hollywood like this soft and floaty bed jacket from Kajn's Vintage.

  • The evening would not be complete without some olfactory black magic from Mor Cosmetics and the Garden of Hespera range. I am so in love with this packaging.

  • Now that you are looking divine and relaxing in style, make yourself a mug of hot chocolate full of marshmallows. You could choose a nice piece of floral porcelain, but if you want to discourage others from disturbing your serenity, I suggest this knuckle duster mug from Thatbo.

Now take your beautiful self to bed!


Dressed and Pressed said...

Hey SuperKMama, Thanks for dropping by the blog and commenting. Love your style!

Kelly said...

that mug. is. amazing.

lizziedee said...

'Wear it Again Sam' is actually a real shop that I go to in Houston! Small world Candice! When are you packing up and finally moving here? ;)

enc said...

There's a Wear it Again, Sam very near where I live.

I never date myself. Only my husband.l