Saturday, April 26, 2008

Daily Outfit

As promised here are a couple of pics from my night out with my Man. We hit Smith street in Melbourne and ate loads of delicious Korean food at GoShen, then moved onto drinks and conversations about high school crushes, at a small and comfortable bar up the road.

Cardigan / Sweater - Friends Couture at Episode
Black camisole
Skirt - Boo Radley
Blue striped fishnets - Levante
Shoes - Pip by Wittner
Necklace - The same skull that keep popping up, only this time on a red ribbon

Yesterday was spent lunching with my family for the public holiday, so a relaxing time was had by all. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes for my darling girl. It looks like she'll be back in hospital next week, but hopefully that should fix it all.


jane h said...

I love your blog!!! your outfits are so unique - have you ever seen this is a website from a new orleans boutique that specializes in vintage style dresses - I think you'll like it!! JH

Danielle said...

your baby girl is so precious!

The Clothes Horse said...

Your cardigan and necklace are so nice!

Romany said...

Omg - you have THE CUTEST baby I have ever seen. Hands down.

I love the cardi with the little lamb on it! Super cute - what is this Friends Couture at Episode brand you speak of? :)

Super Kawaii Mama said...

jane h: Thank you. I went over to check out Trashy Diva and they do has some nice pieces.

danielle: Yep, she's a cutie alright.

Romany & clothes horse: The cardigan is by a label called Friends Couture and it is stocked at Episode. There are stores in Swanston street Melbourne, and Smith street Collingwood, that I know of. They also have a huge vintage selection.

cybill said...

I love how the blue fishnets cast that lovely pale blue shadow over your legs, I think I'm gonna have to try that.

enc said...

You look gorgeous, as usual.

I am tagging you for the delightful 6QuirkMeme. As if you weren't busy enough! :D

WendyB said...

Love the necklace with the red ribbon.

K.Line said...

The necklace really does go with everything! That baby is delicious. I want to bite her :-)

PS Hope the date night was fun.

Imelda Matt said...

super cute outfit and I'm glad to hear eveythings going to OK with your bebe!

dreamecho said...

i love your outfit, especially the sweater and the skirt!

i also wish you and your daughter all the best :)

enc said...

Your girl is a cute little rascal. I apologize but I'm coming late to the party, only having discovered you a bit recently, as you know. I'm not aware of the nature of your angel's problems, but I'll be crossing my fingers that she is okay.