Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why Do You Get Dressed In The Morning?

There are those, who upon dragging their sorry selves out of bed in the morning, get dressed solely for the purpose of not being naked. If you are reading this blog though, chances are you are not one of these. When it comes to sartorial motivation we all have our individual styles. Some like to channel their favorite celebrity, or T.V character; some by colour, season or just weather. But what you are doing and where you are going pretty much always factor into the equation.

For those of you who have read my 'About me', you'll know that I am a full time stay at home mum, (with aspirations of an Accessory Designer on the side). My days are generally filled with housework, shopping, playgrounds, doctors visits and lots of grubby hands. So you may ask, why don't I dress in sweat pants, T-shirts and ponytails everyday? Here are my reasons; and I think they apply in all situations, whether you are going to school or working from home.

Every time I look in the mirror I want to be pleasantly surprised, not horrified by a tired and haggered looking face. A little effort goes a long way, and if you look fabulous, you feel fabulous. It's the same principle as when you are sick and feel worse when you are in your pajamas, than when you are showered and dressed.

I don't want to be constantly confronted by my flaws, rather, admiring my better features. When my hair looks shocking I am more likely to do something drastic and cut it all off in the hope of a miraculous transformation.

I personally hate the idea of saving things for 'good'. It's nice to glam up for a special occasion, but saving things just for these occasions, makes for many unworn items. Fair enough, a tuxedo can't be worn everyday ( well you could work the jacket back with jeans), but in principle you are good enough to deserve the best every day. (Sorry to sound like a Loreal commercial)

But by far my best reason is this; the appreciation of my audience. That is to say, my two girls. I have a dream that one day when my girls are interviewed for doing something both brainy and glamorous, they will look back on what a stylish influence I was on their lives. ("I used to sit at my mother's dressing table playing with her 20 different shades of red lipstick.")
That they will have developed a sense of confidence in how they dress and have learnt the skills to be able to put together an outfit with creativity. That they will have an excellent eye for colour, balance and silhouette. That no matter what their style influences, they will be able to execute their look with aplomb.

These are all the things my mother taught me.

Why did you get 'dressed' today?


Tizzalicious said...

I am like you! I need to look decent when I look in the mirror, or else I feel soooo blah.

I must admit though, that when I'm in a bad health patch (like now) I tend to be a slob and walk around in my PJs all the time.

Danielle said...

wow. i suppose i get dressed according to color and sort of mirror my surroundings; i suppose i'm a sort of chameleon. i'm one of those who feels out of place wearing bright colors on a cloudy day. i suppose second to color and weather, i dress for texture. very interesting...

Rollergirl said...

Totally love this post! I'm the same. I have my routine and it stays the same whatever I'm doing. Whether I'm working, holidaying or sick as a dog, if I can get out of bed I have a shower, fix my hair and put full make-up on. Actually, my 'grooming' routine is pretty low-maintenance so it doesn't take long but I think the ritual of 'fixing yourself up' and making the best of yourself just puts you in a good mood, no?

BTW, what shade of red are wearing in that picture?

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Tizz - Hope you're back to you're gorgeous self soon.

Danielle - I love dressing with texture too. particularly if I am going monochromatic. I find that different textures put me in different moods too. Like Silk always makes you feel sexier.

Roller Girl - You are so right. Having a well established basic grooming routine really is the key to looking great all the time. (There is a big post coming up about this soon.) My red lipstick always makes me feel fabulous. The one in this picture is called " Moulin Rouge" by No.7. It's a cool red with a lovely, creamy finish.

Thanks all for coming back to visit me. If you would like to link to me I would be honored. :)