Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mail Time

Yesterday I received a lovely surprise in my mail box from the wonderful Bored inc, whose Super Kawaii work you will have read about here before. It is so nice to receive mail (that is not bills) at any time, but one so delightfully addressed as this was a real joy. Check out Tokyo Bunnies blog for some incredibly cute designs and inspiring work.

So armed with my new Tokyo Bunny pin and Nesting Doll coin purse I headed out to face the ANZAC day public holiday and all the visiting and barbecuing that was to be done.


Anonymous said...


You have got a nice blog. There is a problem though. I couldn't find any way to search your archive. It's annoying to manually go through several months. Please add a search box to the layout of your blog. Here is a link to a ordinary search box that you can add to your Blogger layout.

How To Add Search Box

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Hi there.
Thanks for visiting. Sorry you had some trouble searching. Rather than adding a separate button, I rely on the button on the left hand top of the page provided by Blogger. You should see an option there to 'search blog'. Just type in your key word and it will find anything in the archives. You don't need a blogger account to use this.
Hope this helps.

Tizzalicious said...

Niiiice mail!

And you ARE a super kawaii mama! I want your face!

enc said...

How cute!