Monday, April 21, 2008

5 Ways To Make Cleaning Fun and Fashionable

While there are some who have maids, butlers and general rouse-abouts; I am not one of them. So alas, there are many hours of my week frittered away on cleaning and generally keeping my world in order. Now there are days when I have to clean hurriedly or in between children's nap time, but when I am bored of the usual routine and just can't face another morning of traipsing around in mess; I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to make it all a little bit more fun. And yes, there is a trace of Mary Poppins in this, along with a healthy dose of crazy.

Be Your Own Maid:
This one requires a uniform, French or otherwise. The premise of this cleaning technique is to clean only the bits you can see, (no moving furniture) fluff up pillows, place fresh flowers for instant impact, and visit the pantry for a biscuit every half and hour. When you have finished, put your feet up and give yourself a glass or two of Master's best single malt Scotch.

Mary Poppins:
"Just a Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down." Sing and get everyone in on the act; be they housemate, partner or child. Sliding down banisters is highly recommended as a dusting technique.

1950's Housewife:
Wiggle into a vintage dress, pop on a pinny, sweep up your hair. Put on some swinging tunes ( I suggest some Dean Martin or Julie London), and do your best June Cleaver impression. If you are really up for it, go to the store dressed like this and loudly complain about how expensive everything is these days.
Get Deliciously Clean :
Toss out the Clorox Get yourself some sweet smelling products like these beauties from Cinderalla here in Australia. Not only are they a Green alternative to traditional cleaning products, they have the most divine scent! You can choose from coconut & bergamot, peppermint & pineapple, cherry or many more. WARNING: You will be very hungry when you finish cleaning with these.

The Vacuuming Tiara:
If cleaning makes you feel all down and dirty, and not in a good way, try this. Get yourself a Tiara, whether it be a cheap little girls one from a costume shop, or a genuine jeweled number. It will make you feel quite glamorous as you swan around the house, as if this 'cleaning business' is quite a novelty for someone of your station. As an added bonus it could also act as a timely reminder to your husband / partner / self, that you are in serious need of some new glass slippers.

Yes, my friends, (whilst not on a regular basis) I have taken all these suggestions for a test drive. And while they may not help you clean any faster, they sure will help you clean happier.


Romany said...

I love the 50s pin up inspiration of your blog! It's such a lovely addition...
In a perfect world, I would wear heels while vacuuming. Heels can make you feel glamorous even when doing the dirtiest of jobs.

cybill said...

Oh I am definately trying all of these and that Cinderella cleaning site is just gorgeous, so many great things I can't quite decide what to order.

Tizzalicious said...

I'm all for 50s housewife!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

If you all do get around to trying these, let me know how it works out for you and how much fun you had. :)

enc said...

All these are brilliant ways to swallow a bitter pill. Nicely done.

Elisha Lynn said...

I love this list, it is so cute! If I was ever dedicated enough to clean my apartment I would be sure to keep these ideas in mind. Dress-up can make anything, chores or play, more fun.

the iron chic said...

For me cleaning isn't a bitter pill- I do it willingly!
We'll see if I have a kid though...I know it gets really difficult to do anything.