Thursday, April 17, 2008

Daily Outfit

Black tank top - Supre, Skirt - Boo Radley, Shoes - Hot Options, Cuff - Super Kawaii Mama on Etsy

I often wander around in the morning while I am getting everything ready for the day, changing accessories several times until I hit on the combination I am after. This was one of those days. I simply adore my black spike heels but they aren't all that comfortable after a few hours. They are the perfect shoes for a sit down day or a party where lots of lounging around is required. So in the end I chose to go with my pink boots. Also a high spiked heel, but for some reason, much more comfortable. They could be a little 'Bad J Lo', but I think they work with the right outfit. (Match them with a velour tracksuit for instant style suicide.) Perfect for running around the city pushing a pram and getting errands done.

Black tank top - Supre, Skirt-Boo Radley, Pink crop cardigan - Giordano, Boots - Ebay, Skull Necklace - Gift

What's your verdict? (Is it cheating if this outfit was from last Thursday?)


Tizzalicious said...

You look gooood! :)

K.Line said...

Um, could you be more gorgeous?! Fantastic look and you are purrrty :-) K

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration, great look and what a great site.
I've linked you from my blog if thats ok too.

enc said...

I really like your shoes in both photos.

Secretista said...

Those boots are stellar!

decadentdiamond said...

Those black spike heels are lovely!! .. I don't know what it is, but you remind me of a modern day Clara Bow.. (my muse!) .. and you're definitely a 'rockin' Mama!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Tizzalicious & k.line: *blush* Thank you for the lovely comments.
Cybill: So glad you enjoy my little world. I would be very happy /grateful for any links you would like to make to me.
enc, secretista & decadent diamond: I adore those black spike heels. They have a very burlesque look and were only $24 at Target! (Wish they were a little more comfortable though).