Friday, April 25, 2008

For Anyone Who Wants to Know More About Me....

I have been tagged again, so here is a little more information to help you complete a picture of my peculiarity.

5 things found in my bag:
- Arm warmers - for short sleeved days that turn nasty.
- Red Lipstick - for instant glamor
- Camera - To document all my fashion findings and some of the more 'see it to believe it' fashion faux pas.
- A notebook from my best friend with lovely things written to me in it - For a pick me up on a rough day.
- Muesli bars - Because I am always on the run and don't always get time for a sit down meal.

5 things found in my wallet:
- Photos of my girls, husband and dogs - I am hoping when shop assistants see these the will stop calling me "Sweetie". Arrrrgh!
- Expired loyalty cards - I always think I will go back and use these but I can never find them when I need them.
- Photos of great hair styles I like - So when I say to my hairdresser, " Just blow dry it Vegas circa 1970", she will know what I mean.
- Stamps - for when the urge to write snail mail calls ( I have had these stamps for a very long time)
- Pain killers - I don't have to tell you what these are for.

5 favorite things in my room :
- My vintage Chinese advertising print.
- My dressing table - Currently pink and about to be transformed as a piece of black magic.
- My extremely large, red velvet chair, as seen in many of my posts - A present to myself for a previous birthday. I always know what I would like. :)
- My wallpaper that is being torn off! - It is the tearing off that I like as it is a hideous Laura Ashley 80's style floral.

5 things I always wanted to do:
-Be a lounge singer.
-Keep Peacocks.
-Write a fabulously successful novel.
-Go back or forwards in time whenever I wanted. Perhaps with the current Dr. Who... that wouldn't be too bad at all. ;)
-Invent a pair of heels whose height you could change depending on the terrain or situation.

5 things I'm currently into :
- Memento Mori
- Dark chocolate - This one never goes out of style with me
- Writing this blog and reading all the wonderful work of my peers. (That's you guys!)
- Redecorating. Truth be told I never stop doing this as as soon as I finish one room, I'm onto the next. And repeat.
- Listening to all music recommended by friends and bloggers to expand my ipod selection. Jojo's circus was getting a little old.

5 presents you wish for:
Health, happiness, inspiration, abundance and serenity- for all my family and friends.

The person who tagged you is :
- Lab Goddess

Your 5 impressions of him/her :
- Wicked sense of humour.
- Practical.
- Fabulously geeky - in a superlative way.
- Canny shopper.
- A good friend.

Rather than tagging anyone else, as it is hard to know who has done these things already, if you would like to do this tag; Consider Yourself It!
I'd be very happy for any links you'd like to make to me as well. (Yes, I am shamelessly pimping my site. I do try and get around everyones blogs, but I'm not sure I have made it yet. )


Tizzalicious said...

I love your heels idea!

You should use those stamps, snail mail is fun!

WendyB said...

I love memento mori!

enc said...

Thank you for sharing!