Saturday, April 19, 2008

Swanky Panky

As you may have read in my earlier post on Socks, I really dislike pantyhose. And while I wait for my order of lovely thigh high socks to arrive, I have been doing a little shopping for a garter belt too. While looking for a pretty and practical number I came upon these two for comparisons. Without any preference for the size of the models, Picture Number Two made me want to poke my eyes out to say nothing of creating a distinct lack of passion for their garments!

So my pick for something both sexy and practical is Picture One, a slinky number from Stocking Girl. It is also a great place if you are after some funky leggings or socks. I love striped stockings but horizontal ones are just not kind to me. They also tend to increase my 'Wicked Witch of the West' factor. These ones remind me of a peppermint stick and look like they have the potential to make me look much taller than my 5 foot 4 inches.

As you know by now, I am a sucker for accessories, so when I came across the work of Sweetheart Sinner on Etsy, I came over all a flutter, as I know many of you will too. She specialises in designs inspired by rockabilly, pinup, horror, goth, punk, psychobilly, pop culture, Victorian, and flapper. (That's an awful lot!) Each piece is completely hand made, including the settings which she creates and fires in her own kiln. So you know that whatever your choice, you won't see this piece replicated elsewhere.

I love this Gypsy pin. She looks so thoughtful, somewhat of a Mona Lisa smile, and makes me wonder what is on her mind.

All this virtual shopping around is dangerous, I keep finding FAR too many things I love. It's just lucky I get so much pleasure from sharing it with you all.


Anonymous said...

The first pin from etsy is awesome! I would kill to get it :). Thanks you for linking me! I'll link you back!

Tizzalicious said...

The pin and the pendant are so great!

I love love love garter belts!

enc said...

Those looks are beautiful. I'm grateful I don't have to wear hose of any kind anymore, but if I had to, these might be the ones.

Kelly said...

I hate to say it, but the first garter belt probably can't do the job of holding up stockings for adventures outside of the bedroom (like, walking or dancing...)

For everyday wear you can't beat the garter belts from They are 6-strap and a bit bulkier than the whispy nothings that are best left for being gorgeous at home. And when I put them on, they don't look matronly but retro-sexy :-D

(p.s. I realize I just sounded like an ad. I have no affiliation with SIL, they're just the best I've ever worn)

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Kelly, I have to agree that the 6 straps are better. I'll check out your recommendation and see what I can come up with.