Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Swanky Panky

Yes, I am a bit late this week. Blame Earth Hour coming back to bite me, as our power was out for some days after a big storm here in Melbourne. But better late than never, and this week I have two lovely little items of glee for your delight.

Whilst I realise there is some controversy surrounding China and its human rights record at present, it has done nothing to dampen my enthusiasm for Chinese imagery. The more vintage the better. I just adore the old cigarette posters and the glamorous Old Shanghai feeling they evoke. So imagine my delight to discover these darling vintage style kits from Dumpling Dynasty. Fiona Hewitt's Wu & Wu company have produced these kits, and feature sewing kits, shoe shine kits, first aid kits and even pigtail kits! They have the cutest tin packaging, too beautiful to hide away in the cupboard. A good thing when you are looking for your first aid kit in a hurry. You can buy these online over at Strawberry Fool.

If you are looking for a bit of Pin Up pretty, these pins from Zombie Girl Hair Accessories will give you an edge. Part Beetle Juice, part playground chic , these are just the ticket for fancying up your do. If you don't have time to mess around with high maintenance hair, just pop it all up in a high pony and slip into one of these babies. I can't wait to get mine. Photos will be forthcoming.
The gorgeous model you see wearing the Flower Pin is the divine Bernie Dexter, who you may recognise from my previous post.

That's your lot for today. I am currently working on some larger feature posts for you all, so stay tuned for some of my secret How To's.


Tizzalicious said...

Aaah, I MUST have those kits! Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

you are a cool mom!!

greetings from Mexico ;D