Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sew Cute!

As some of you may know, I like to sew. Well actually, it's not the sewing I really like, but the developing of ideas, designing my own things, and generally being able to have much cooler things than I can find in the shops. I spent many years coming up with all sorts of outlandish designs and bringing them home to Mum, begging her to make them for me. And for many years this worked a treat, until I was old enough to really learn to do it myself. Then Mum whipped out the measuring tape and told me to get cracking, in the nicest possible way. ;) Well I tried, but I found that I wouldn't get much further than cutting out the fabric before I would give up and Mum would give in. So my sewing lessons become a somewhat protracted event, and I have really only learnt to sew somewhat properly in the last two years. Now I find that my imagination is only limited by my skills, and for those things I love to make but really never have cause to wear; well, I'll just have to whip up some frothy confections of delight to add to my Etsy shop.
Mum is never far away though, and when a pleat, pin tuck or placket gets the better of me, I still run on back to her for help. Thanks Mum!

Here are some of the latests and, in my opinion, greatest offerings from Burda Style. Remember, this is all Open Source sewing, so the patterns are FREE! What better way to try your hand at sewing without one of the biggest costs. Just click on the links to take you straight to the information and pattern page. You don't have to be a genius, just have a stab and discover your inner Christian Siriano.

The Sidonie - I love the pleats at the side. I can picture adding this one to my wardrobe in either an Emerald Green or Scarlet red.

The Leg of Mutton top

And the Cheeky Panties. These I love. I got some great fabric a while back and had an idea that I might make something like this but had never done it before.

Now I have the pattern there may be a little sexy sewing going on.

What creative endeavors are you tackling at the moment? Share you triumphs or tragedy's with us for commiserations or celebrations.


Romany said...

Ooh your blog is so cute - not to mention well written and creative. There's nothing I love more than a well written fashion blog! :)
I've been meaning to take up sewing, it could come in handy in case I decide to give fashion designing a go. But it takes up so much time, that at the moment I just don't have... :( My only creative endeavours are writing my blog and learning french (if you can call that creative. Lol.) right now...
Great post! :)
p.s. those knickers and that grey top are super cute!

Addison said...

i love the frilly knickers!!! i just posted about some little projects i want to start working on hehe

Tizzalicious said...

Making your own clothes is so much fun!

I haven't made anything forever, I really should again sometime.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Romany- Thanks! Yes sewing can take a long time but maybe you could start on something small and fast, and you couldn't get much smaller than making a pair of knickers..unless they were dolls knickers.
I'll have to get cracking on these and post some pics this week.