Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Would "Hot to Trot" Be Too Cliche?

Today is the second day it has been about 35 degrees C. here. And I am beginning to feel those dramas that always seem to come around my wardrobe in summer time. This year I am well stocked with great little dresses courtesy of my recent trip, but when I decided to head out for a very brief trip this afternoon I discovered one problem. Whilst I have more shoes than you can poke a stick at, I have only two pairs suitable for daily summer wear, (not including the ubiquitous thongs / flip flops)! I have sparkly sandals and stiletto party shoes for sure, but the practical day to day numbers that will see me through swimming lessons, trips to the park and the usual round of chores are sadly lacking.

So what I need are some comfortable (don't shoot me), well styled, goes with almost everything and very cool shoes. (Imelda please feel free to send your recommendations my way). I have been trawling my favorite shoe sites finding many many pretty things which are all on sale thanks to the different seasons in different hemispheres lark. But pretty doesn't meet all my requirements this time. However I don't believe that comfort and glamour must be mutually exclusive, so I am on a mission to track down my summer time saviour.

Vixen by Kumfs

I am told these aren't the best fitting shoes, but I'll be trying to track down a pair to try on tomorrow. I'm hoping that they have a bit more of a vintage look than orthopedic look in actuality. But so far, these are the only pair on my radar. So can any of my Australian readers help me with the perfect suggestion? Given the state of our dollar at the moment I'll probably stick to shopping locally, but still, perfection knows no bounds.


Too Many Shoes said...

I can highly recommend wedges for comfort and style (I have at least 5 pairs myself).

I will keep my eye out for new styles of stylish flats for you!

Nicole Jenkins said...

Whilst I can recommend Kumfs for comfort, their styles tend to be a bit err, unexciting. On the other hand, I just became the proud owner of a pair of Remix repro 1940s wedge sandals in dark red - you can see them here:

I'm thinking of getting some in to Circa one day, when we have the room to do a proper range.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Too many shoes: Yes, wedges are my best choice as flat with dresses on my short frame always make me feel fat. :(

Nicole: Oh NICE! I think those in white would be perfect for me. And they look like the wedge is really well made. If you do get shoes into Circa I'd love to see some from Remix Vintage as well.

JUDE said...

i got a fantastic pair of black "slave" sandals from target for only $30 last week. they are so comfortable and came in a size 11- thank goodness!

they are flat though, but there are plenty of wedge-y options!
good luck.

Lady Melbourne said...

They look a little orthopedic but I'm sure you can rock them!

Robyn said...

Those Kumfs are actually super cute...since when did orthopaedic shoes ever look nice!?

Tizzalicious said...

I have the same problem every summer. Anything strappy and most flats give me blisters, and sneaker type shoes just look bad with dresses. It's a bad bad situation!

hillary said...

I have these,B0015548EI,B000WELKHQ,B00196CMM8,B00155DQBE,B000WENECK,B000WEFRUM,B000WEF4PA,B000WENFAG,B0012E0NCI,B0012ZNIT2,B000XRI6E2,B0011MQG4A,B000YZEQO2,B000XRE4WU,B00128QIIW,B00128QWQU,B0012ZP85O,B00128Q63Y,B0012869UE&asinTitle=Clarks%20Herring%20Flat&contextTitle=Search%20Results&page=1&colors=519127011&size=100&dept=241745011&node=241745011&nodes=241745011&keywords=clarks&sort=relevancerank
they come in about 6 colors and they are like slippers and look pulled together with everything! Best part you can wear without socks without ever an issue. They are half off now! I paid full price back in march and don't regret it I love them.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Jude: I'm afraid anything gladiator or "slave" style sends me running for the hills. All that leg lacing action leaves me feeling like a baby elephant.
LM: I might get sneaky and take some photos in the shop to get a second opinion with them on.
Robyn: They were the only ones on the whole website that didn't make me cringe. When I spoke to the man at one of the stores, he said, "Well, they are.. you know... the models are paid to smile."
Tizz: It is no good is it? Summer shoes are so much more about fantasy than comfort. And then when they are comfortable they usually look like something I should be wearing on a cruise with retirees!
Hillary: Thanks for the suggestion. It's good to get first hand consumer advice to know if they really measure up.

Anonymous said...

I'm also on the hunt for the perfect wedges. I see far too many cork or rope soled ones, so am steering clear of those. If you didn't tag those red wedges as Kumfs, no one would have been the wiser, methinks. :) Good luck and do post your findings.
ps. I'm a mama too, so I'm really with you about comfortable summer shoes and running around with a child. :)