Thursday, November 13, 2008

Daily Outfit

Outfit Details: Dress- Laura Lee for Top Shop (via Ebay) Shoes - KMart $15 specials ( and oh so comfortable), Necklace - Sanrio Hello Kitty, Diamond and Platinum Earrings - Gift.

Today's outfit had to deal with another 32 degree plus day, while also handling a full schedule of errands. Doctor's visits, lots of driving, tea dates, laundry and even a little gardening. It it was just perfect. After complaining yesterday about my summer shoes situation, these are one of the only two pairs I currently have for summer. I found them at KMart of all places for the low low price of $15! Given, they will probably fall apart before the end of the season, and on close inspection don't look like they cost an awful lot more than that, but for now they are filling a gap.

Tomorrow I am tackling a little more of that ongoing decorating project as my fancy pants wallpaper has just arrived! I can't hardly wait to see how it looks en mass. And then on to spend the evening with abut 150 (!) children while Miss Four rehearses for her weekend ballet recitals. My Things to Do and Places to Be list is hurtling into crazy zone at the moment, so I'm planning to be super organised for the whole party season this year. Well... we'll see.


Tifa said...


Erin said...

Super Kawaii Mama, this post shows you really live up to your name! Absolutely stunning - talk about a picture perfect pout! Makes me want to haul out the red lippy every day instead of reserving it for special occasions. Have you seen the Harajuku Lovers perfumes in Myer yet? They smell divine and look even sweeter! I can't wait til Christmas, I've dropped enough hints about them that my boy surely must have caught on ;).
Also, as a side note, I was asked to type in 'complipi' as a word verification. I wish it was a real word, I would use it all the time-complipi!

Anonymous said...

So nice - perfect for such a day outside.
The ensemble looks comfy, yet dressed.
( I wish it would be warmer here, Europe:7degrees...)

Fashion Therapist said...

I'm jealous because you have the hello kitty earrings that I adore!

jennine said...

you have the most perfect skin! i'm saying that in a non creepy way. promise.

Kelly said...

I love every single thing about your outfit today! And I cannot believe you found those cute shoes at Kmart!

I realized yesterday that reading your blog has been influencing how I'm dressing - which I think is a good thing!

heartofpearl♥ said...

your hair is always so perfect, i tried to style it after watching one of your tutorials but it didnt work because ive got such thick, heavy and soo much hair it just falls out:( heeh but its ok. ill figure out something!

btw~ ill take a clearer photo of the belt soon :) its really beautiful, im not sure what it is but its metal like and heavy.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Stunning dress, and I love how you teamed it with red shoes. :)

I hope you're going to show us your wallpaper when it's up? :) Your decorating sounds like it's going to be amazing, I can't wait to see.

Good luck with the 150 children ... phew.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving those red wedges and I'm off to kmart as soon as I can! Thanks for the tip!
I never buy discount dept store shoes, but succombed to a pair of Kmart boots years ago, and they saw me through just about all my uni years. So-you never know how long they'll last!

Too Many Shoes said...

Ah, the power of red shoes! I firmly believe that every girl should have at least one pair in their wardrobe! Even $15 kmart ones (which I love btw)!

They are guaranteed to give even the most demure outfit a little touch of "phwoar".

I've recently rediscovered my red lipstick too, but your pout is devine - what lipstick is that?

Too Many Shoes said...

oh! Super cute dress too! I bet those pockets come in handy.

K.Line said...

Fantastic look, SKM. Very chic in the heat.

WendyB said...

You look so cool in that dress. Cool temperature-wise and the other kind of cool too.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Tifa: Thank you!

Erin: Red really does make you feel better. Yes I saw those perfumes when I was in the States. Some smell divine but others are just icky. Still I'll probably get some as they are just sooo cute.

Anon: I felt that way all winter looking at people enjoying a European summer.

Fashion Therapist: The necklace is Hello Kitty, but the earrings are just a fancy sparkly pair. I haven't seen those earrings you mentioned yet.

Jennine: Why thank you. I always stay out of the sun and wear heaps of sunscreen as well as drinking loads of water and lemon juice everyday. It made a huge difference. I think I look younger now than I did 10 years ago!

Kelly: You'll have to flag some outfit shots that you felt were inspired by me so I can check you out. That is so cool. ;)

Heart of Pearl: My hair is actually really thick and heavy too, but it does have a natural wave which helps. I might be able to give you a one on one tutorial if you like.

A cat of impossible colour: Wallpaper is up and looks spectacular! I'll have photos of it all before the week is out.

Anon: Strangely I find that the cheapest of my shoes tend to be my most comfortable and the ones I wear most. I have a pair of black ballet flats that i live in at home and when walking heaps that were all of $19! I've had them now for nearly three years.

Too Many Shoes: The lipstick is Loreal Crystal Fatal 361. It is a raspberry red with a little crystal shimmer.

Too many shoes: Actually I never use the pockets as I find they ruin the line of an outfit. but they are essential to this look. Somehow I always end up feeling like "Dorothy" in this dress.

K.line: Thank you. Chic is hard to do in the heat.

Wendy B: Cool! ^-^

enc said...

Oh, look how lovely you are! (I love the shoes.) And how green the vegetation is. Summer is in full swing.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful weather - I'm really jealous... and the dress is awesome, too!

Hammie said...

lucky you having a sunny spring to show off your lovely frock.
Great shoes, the only wedge in my opinion is the sandal wedge. I believe yours might be slightly more affordable than the Louboutin ones I tried on in June (and left in the shop)

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amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

um- how adorable are you? found you through my friend's blog! lovely! xo

Patrizia simulacra said...

I love the style and that shade of lipstick accentuates your luminous complexion. I also find that cheaper shoes are far more comfy and wearable than their expensive counterparts.

Sarah Von said...

1) Good lord, you are adorable.
2) Who knew Kmart made such cute shoes!? Nice find, lady!