Thursday, November 27, 2008

Perfect Pin Curls

Finally, I have another hair tutorial for you all. Today I'll show you how to create quick and easy pin curls using only bobby pins, a brush and a scarf. So no hot rollers, curling wands or other equipment necessary. How did I figure this one out? Well, during my recent travels, I found myself looking for a way to get structured curls and killer hair in the way I usually get with hot rollers. But of course, traveling light, I had no equipment what so ever. Thus the experiment began, and lo and behold, amazing hair the next day! I call this one my Veronica Lake hair, and it packs a serious glamour punch.

Here's some examples of this hair at work.

So slip into your slinkiest silky number, pop on your fluffy slippers and try this one on for size.


Sarah said...

That was such a great tutorial, thank you *runs off to curl hair*

Tifa said...

We got the same technique :D

floraposte said...

I am trying that tonight!

Scribbles said...

Thanks so much for that SKM! I've been looking for experimental things to do with my hair so I'm quite excited. Also have to say that you have great screen presence.

docwitch said...

Fab tutorial! I ran off and did it last night, and it's worked out brilliantly on my hair which is also long, thick and wavy, (for once an advantage - ha!).

So thanks very much for the tut - perfect and straightforward.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! You made it so lovely to follow and looked so cute with the rolls.

I just want to add for all those with really thin and straight hair like me: Hairspray is our friend! Just use some of it before taking out the bobby pins and then after arranging, so your hair stays curled.

Another suggestion is arranging your hair in the said way before taking a hot bath. It might help to set even hard cases and helps keeping the hair out of the water.

Kisses Christina

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Sarah: Thank you.
Tifa: Yay.
Flora poste: Best of luck
Scribbles: Why thank you. Hope it works like a dream for you.
Doc Witch: Ohh can I see pictures? I think this would look amazing on you.
Christina: Hairspray is indeed our friend. If I have a big night I always give it a spray with lacquer to hold it in place. As for the hot bath or shower, I try to avoid doing that as I find that the humidity makes the curls frizz, which is an undesirable effect on me. That's why I stick to the hairdryer over the scarf as it is a dry heat, and the scarf protects the curls. :) xx

Lady Melbourne said...

Nice vid Mama!
Can't wait to see what you come up with tomorrow!

violetville said...

Oh I love this! You have a wonderful screen presence; fabulous!! Love the technique and the tips as well.

vintage_bel said...

Hi SKM, I love your blog and am sitting with the curls in after having slept in them. I tried just leaving them in for a few hours but it didn't stick so I'll let you know.

Thanks again

Vintage Bel

Super Kawaii Mama said...

vintage bel: Don't forget a little hairspray at the end, and if you're worried about them setting use the hairdryer over the scarf then wait for them to completely cool before taking them out. Good luck!

Chris said...

Woah, you look really beautiful. Thank you for stopping by my blog, hope you are enjoying the Christmas music! :)

Home Girl said...

fab tutorial! have been looking for a way to add some glamour to my hair and a looking forward to giving this a go. i usually wear my hair up cause it looks so messy out. fingers crossed this will work on my super fine flyaway dead straight crappy hair! not sure how it will work with my fringe - will let you know and hopefully pop a shot on my blog!

bekster said...

This is wonderful. I have been searching the Internet for how to do pin curls (or how to get that 40's look) for some time now. However, almost everything I have discovered is for short hair, or else it is too complicated. In fact, what you are doing is very similar to what I do normally with hot rollers, but I have never quite been sure in which direction to roll the sides. (I usually just do 3 large rolls going from front to back to avoid having to mess with sides.) Also, my old rollers are beginning to break down and I have been fretting over how to replace them (because of their unusual size). If this works, maybe I won't need to. :)

Thank you so much. You are very lovely.

yublocka said...

What a great tutorial! I'll definitely give this a go - thank you!!