Friday, November 7, 2008

The Devil of Detail

Highlighting my eclectic (okay, eccentric) sense of style, I have today come across the work of a very talented gentleman, whom I should like to ask to decorate my library. Mr Douglas Little of D.L & Co. Heralded as a "Modern Alchemist", Mr Little is a master of sensory pleasure and indulgence. Unencumbered by tight budgets and bottom lines, D.L has been free to style his creations as works of art from start to finish. His candles are hand milled with soy, maple and palm waxes, enabling them to burn with more purity and strength of fragrance. It is said that his candles are so soft and silky, that some customers have even been known to rub the wax into their skin as a solid perfume.

Initially famous for this range of candles with their unique and archaic fragrances, D.L&Co. is now sought after by some of the biggest names in the fashion business for his superior styling and decorating skills. Recently his work has been featured in House and Garden, with those vignettes then being re-created as windows for Bergdorf Goodmans, and I am in awe at the fantastic world he has created.

A selection of the images from the Gothic Splendor feature House & Garden November 2006

The re-created vignettes from the H&G images. Created by D.L & Co. for Bergdorf Goodman's. Click here to see more images and a Making Of featurette.

To my eyes, his products seem superior in every sense of the word. Not resorting to time worn marketing techniques of particular fonts or colour schemes to convey exclusivity, D.L has instead created a range of products that truly are exclusive. From the care and detail of the outer packaging to the museum worthy perfume vials, there is not one piece of these creations that would be leaving the house in the recycling. I think rather, that should I be so fortunate to be gifted with the fragrance below, it would instantly become one of my heirloom items.

Gingembre Candle

White chocolate death

An Invitation from D.L & Co.
"Within the dim, opulent parlors of D.L&Co. Detail, Craft and Imagination are all greeted with a tender, reverent embrace, and are coridally introduced to their lusty suitors. Obscure botanica, Victorian Surrealism and Ancient Charm; the fruits of their languid union are found here. We humbly invite you to lose yourselves in their subtle yet vitiginous splendor."

A man after my own heart Douglas Little is truly transforming the mundane into the magnificent.

*UPDATE* I've done a little sleuthing and if you are looking to make any of these magnificent pieces your own you can shop HERE for USA or HERE for Australia.

All images are courtesy of D.L & Co.
I have not be paid or solicited in any way to write this piece, I just love Mr Little's work. Should the good people at D.L& Co. see fit to bestow me with one of their magnificent pieces, it would be gratefully accepted. ;)


On Track said...

Oh my gosh these are so delicate and beautiful, I love them. They are very inspiration in all areas, fashion, designs, homewears, I love your selection :)

docwitch said...

Divine. Completely and utterly divine.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, visually stunning images. I want him to do my whole house.

Do you know where his products are available?

M.E. said...

Heaven. I'm in heaven just looking at these.

Lady Smaggle said...

How much would you love to have a peacock running around your house? Lovely images!

enc said...


I wish I had the guts to do in this decor direction.

Sister Wolf said...

OH MY! Fabulous. I'm drooling.

WendyB said...

I love white chocolate death!

Hammie said...

too dark and too scary for me!