Friday, November 21, 2008

Read All About It

After a long day of shooting photos for my portfolio, I don't have all that much to show and tell today. I do however, have a new interview to share with you that appears over at Time Warp Wives. (click to link to read) Here's a little to wet your whistle.

Candice decided to start her blog after a confrontation with a woman at the gym, who verbally attacked her for looking the way she does. “Instead of washed out and haggard, I decided to spread my message of feeling good through daily glamour in a more public forum. I believe that to a great extent you create your own reality and can chose to live in a more beautiful world, even if you do spend most of your time chasing after two small children. ” she added.

Stay tuned tomorrow for all the fun and fashion of The Way We Wear Fair!


simone said...

wonderful interview!

Mikkle said...

such a great article on you! love your blog!

TheSundayBest said...

Someone called you out for the way you look? Was she also carrying a sign reading "The End is near"?

Super Kawaii Mama said...

The Sunday Best: And the worrying things about that is that I was in my gym clothes!!

Paula said...

What on earth was her issue with your gym clothes?! And more importantly, what was she wearing!!! I can't fathom people who feel the need to comment on the lives or appearance of complete strangers. That would have made me so mad!

Too Many Shoes said...

Good on you for seeing that woman's comment for what it was: validation that you are doing things your own way - without apology!

One of the most wonderful things about where we live is that we are free to express ourselves however we choose. That, and the fact that you can be safe in the knowledge that there are other people who feel exactly the same.

Keep on rocking Mamma!