Monday, November 3, 2008

A Week of New Beginnings

So much is happening in my world at the moment, and it is all good. This week I had my first catwalk show in about ten years (!) as I start getting myself together to make some serious headway into the world of alternative and vintage modeling. There is much to be done on developing the portfolio and building the new website, but it is all very exciting. Yesterday's show saw me strutting my stuff with some of Melbourne's fiercest faces (and I mean that literally) at the Bizarre Music Festival.

Working it for Dusk Moth Designs

In my quest for eternal youth, I've choosen not to drink raw eggs for breakfast and have regular colonics. Instead I have opted for Burlesque classes! Under the tutelage of the divine Rodney, whose physique hums with skill, passion and a generous dose of pizazz, I should get those glutes toned in no time. I generally spend my time at the gym on the treadmill or lifting weights, avoiding group classes at all costs. I hate aerobics or anything in which I am yelled at while turning purple. But this class is a whole new kind of fun. Dancing to everything from the Pussycat Dolls to the Chicago soundtrack, while bumping and grinding with a Nana or two; this excercise is the most fun I've had in ages! (Cybill and others looking for the solution to their fitness problems look no further.)

I have finally began the big wardrobe purge and have the first batch of listings up on my Ebay. I'll be listing a mix of new items, (that I stupidly never bothered to try on) and some of my favorite vintage pieces that I bought for love, but just don't fit. So if you think you can give some of these a good home, head on over and check these out.

Late 1960's Candy Pink dress

1980's does the 1940's tea dress

Modern blouse - 1940's vintage styling

So it has been a big week and there is much work to do and fun to be had. I am chomping at the bit to get these new sites finished as I have so many great new things to share. If any of my delightful readers are able to volunteer their stellar web design skills, my team of 1000 monkeys will be eternally grateful.


Fashion Therapist said...

I just stumble on your blog and am loving it. You look great on the catwalk!

Francis Girard said...

vintage modeling? what is this all about? Im very interested in this website of yours - ive missed so much, do tell. xf

Anonymous said...

Vintage modelling, I don't think anyone could have picked a better career for you, could they? Those burlesque classes sound fantastic and something I would love to do, I'm going to look for a class immediately!!

docwitch said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos of you there! Vintage modelling seems like such a wonderfully appropriate career for you! All the very best with it.

I'm with you on aerobics, which I find to be a generally horrendous idea. I'd much rather do flamenco or tango classes, and I've thought of burlesque classes too. Keep us posted on how that goes?

I'm going to check out your ebay store now...

Hammie said...

I'm feeling energised just reading this post. Or it could be the extra chillies Mr H put in the penne.
I've finally remembered who you remind me of: Poppy King circa 1994.
If she was still making make-ups and skin care you would be a fantastic model for her, A la Julliette Binoche!

Thanks for the compliment about Bratty's skin. She is actually very Meridionali in complexion and takes a little sun beautifully, although I do make her slip slop slap when we go out in the midday sun. We just had an awful summer and no sun at All.
Boo however has the blue celtic skin.

Tizzalicious said...

Your dancing sounds like so much fun!

WendyB said...

You look gorgeous! Congrats on catwalking.

Kelly said...

You look gorgeous and it sounds like so much fun!

I did notice, though, that your link to Dusk Moth Designs doesn't work. I googled it and it seems that the real URL is just

sofia said...

Wow! You look great!!! I am loving your blog!!!

floraposte said...

Vintage modelling wow! And your skin looks luminous!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Fashoion Therapist: thank you and welcome!
Francis: Full disclosure is coming soon. I'm being a little sneaky right now. ;)
Cybill: If you do find one, let me know how it goes.
Doc Witch: I'll definitely keep you posted as it is sure to be an interesting journey.
Hammie: That is so funny. I have recently been stopped in stores a few times by people asking me if I am Poppy King. They seem to forget she is blonde, but other than that my Mother would agree with you. I used to get mistaken for Marina Prior too when I was younger.
Tizz: Sure is!
Wendy B: Thank you, and I didn't even fall off my heels. :)
Kelly: thanks for letting me know, all fixed now.
Sofia: Hi there and welcome! So glad you came and I LOVE yours too. :)
Flora Poste: Thank you, I think the luminosity may have been a combination of the heat under the lights then heading out into the rain for photos. Either way, I was rather pleased.

Penny said...

ohhh don't give away that black and white floral dress, it looks stunning on you!

Make Do Style said...

how interesting and brilliant!

A dreamer said...

wow i didn't know Super Kawaii Mama models! well i should have known from the great posture you posess and show in your outfit photos.

enc said...

Congratulations on the fun catwalk experience, and the new eBay adventures!

Miss_Red said...

Wow you look amazing in those pictures - your little girls must be so proud! Burlesque classes sound like so much fun :)

Anonymous said...

So jealous! I've been wanting to learn burlesque for ages but have yet to find anyone who wants to learn to go with, darn it.

As for the modelling, you look hot-hot-hot on the catwalk. ( I too used to catwalk model 10 years ago!) I think you'd make an excellent alternative/vintage model...look out Dita! How exciting for you :)

Sandra said...

You look incredibly pretty in that fashion show. :D

Imelda Matt said...

Mama no catalogue model...thats for dead certs!

Hell NO! After missing you the last time I wouldn't sneak down without giving you a call (although we tired on Cup Day).

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Penny: If I could get the buttons done all the way up I wouldn't!
A Dreamer: It's a new venture, but it is fun living out a little fantasy.
Miss Red: I really hope they are. I know that I don't fit in with the other mothers in the school yard / playground, but I hope they they will be okay with that.
P.B: If only we lived closer we could shake our wild things together. ;)
Sandra: Thank you. :)
Imelda Matt: And THAT'S what it's all about! I hope you put money on those tips I left you. xx