Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Today I felt something that must only happen very rarely. I felt a part of history as I watch the inauguration of President Obama. I feel a sense of gravitas, of optimism and of patriotism. And I'm not even an American.

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Mademoiselle Baudelaire said...

Same. =^.^=

I didn't watch the live broadcast, but I was definitely happy and hopeful and even perhaps excited by the news. :)

Bucca said...

I missed the B/cast but I will be watching the re-run's tonight! it's such an exciting moment in history isn't it!

Elina said...

I sure felt the same, and I'm swedish! Sometimes I admire the americans faith in their president, their faith in making a differint by voting (even though the percent isn't very high) och and that they're proud of their country. Here in Sweden we're like "Oh no, time to vote again... boooring" :P

Ruby Redlocks said...

Being an American I've often felt that even though we have the freedom of free speech,we are often never heard.
Yesterday,the public's voices were loud and clear.
Finally,there's someone who will listen!
It was a very emotional day!

Kelly said...
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Anonymous said...

Not to turn your comments into a political debate, SKM, but Kelly, I think that's a rather rude remark. Democracy is the right to vote for who you want to, and just because people don't vote the same as you do doesn't mean they're stupid. And might I point out, that while he won the electoral vote, only half of the nation actually voted for him when it came to the popular vote.

Emer Ireland said...

May I say that as an American, hearing that all of your other countries care so much about what goes on here makes me smile. :0) That's a very happy (albeit suprising and new) feeling.

TheSundayBest said...


Anonymous said...

SKM... while I don't disagree that the images of the million plus Americans who swamped Washington to witness the inauguration ceremony weren't awe-inspriring, and I while don't disagree that seeing a black man become President of the USA isn't history making, I have to disagree with your sentiments on many fronts. I think it is dangerous for the world to be pin so much hope on one man. And I think it is ridiculous for Australians to be buying in to this hype when 99% of the American population wouldn't know where Australia was, or think that we all live in the desert and Kangaroos bounce around our streets.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Anon: I think you may misunderstand my sentiments as they were only very briefly expressed.

I am pleased to see that people are beginning to become more open minded, accepting and take the future direction of their country seriously. Realising that the direction their nation takes is a direct result of their vote, and seeing people power at work.

I am optimistic that this move towards a different line of thinking will spell a better future in terms of cross cultural understanding, political interest and challenging people to reevaluate their ideals.

Personally, I am not pining any particular hopes on one man, but on what his election represents, which is all the more historic and significant.

As for Australians "buying into it", you'll see I haven't been campaigning for one man, but I will always campaign for open eyes and becoming a well informed individual. Something that seems to need a bit more of a push on our shores, if ACA is anything to go by in gauging the common denominator.

So what I am "buying into", is seeing a country mature and her people standing up to be counted. I am pining my hopes on a people that can make such a thing happen, and may they continue to effect positive change on a global scale.

IndieCherry said...

Here! Here! Super Kawaii Mama! It's sure is a nice feeling to be able to take pride in one's country. And boy am I proud! It's wonderful to see my country moving in such a positive direction.

@ Anon 9:50am:
Look up the word bigot. Try to avoid being one. It hurts people's feelings.