Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daily Outfit - Fading Away

Outfit Details: Chiffon top - Luca & Marc, Pants - by Me, Shoes - Havaianas, Duck print scarf - Chinatown, Rose ring and earrings - Diva ( a gift from the delightful AusStyle!)

It is 38 degrees here in the shade today, and tomorrow promises to be an even hotter 40 degrees or more. It isn't just the heat you have to watch out for here in Melbourne, but also the searing U.V. So it is wise to dress cool and stay well out of the sun, otherwise you'll end up looking like a Californian Raisin in no time! Today I took it easy, languishing about in a cool cream and chiffon ensemble. I'm still struggling with the wardrobe challenge that this broken toe presents, namely wearing thongs (flip flops for those of you not familiar with Australian slang) everyday. They may be standard attire in summer for most of our population, but for me, I find that they just don't work with the majority of my outfits or looks. So I have to adapt for now.


Anonymous said...

I hope the air is dry? = ) The outfit... fabulous as always..

esme and the lane way said...

You look so lovely and cool. I love the pink and cream on you. And I love the hair scarf too!

I hope your toe feels better soon. My broken toes healed very quickly, so I'm sending positive wishes your way!

Nicole Jenkins said...

I've never worn thongs so you have my sympathies: may your toe recover quickly and you can return to complete sartorial elegance.

Hexotica said...

It is hard to know which is worse-broken toe or having to wear thongs.
Hi, I'm Christine, and I have been enjoying your bog for a few months now; the first I ever found (through your review of Dolly Q; love love love her work) and it it still my favorite! Cheers!

oniomania said...

looking great as always, dont even notice the thongs.

KittyMeow said...

Ooh those colours look so fresh on you :-)

I agree about the thongs though. Bought some ages ago and now I only wear them around the house. I feel they expose my feet in an unflattering fashion hehe!

floraposte said...

Lovely outfit and great with the slightly softer make-up too. The popularity of flip-flops has always been incomprehensible to me; I only ever wore them when I was in Australia!

heartofpearl♡ said...

you look beautiful SKM:)
thons would be perfect for this heat but i really hate wearing them for some reason. much rather closed toe shoes :) x

WendyB said...


docwitch said...

Gorgeous outfit - the colours really are just lovely. And the ring and earrings are superb!

Anonymous said...

I see you're recovering in style :) You make thongs look chic...and is there any colour you can't pull off?!

I answered your question about my boy's shopping prowess in the comments on my christmas post so please check back. I didn't want to invade your space with it here! <3 xxx

Anonymous said...

I love that gorgeous SKM! And you've teamed it so well with those beautiful pants (which I am still highly impressed that you have made).


One day I hope to dress as well as you do.


Super Kawaii Mama said...

Girl Japan: It can be VERY dry here, which in some ways is a blessing, but it actually stings your skin.
Esme: The duckies won my heart.
Nicole: Why doesn't that surprise me?
Hexotica: Hi there! I'm a very big fan of Dolly Q. So awesome.
Oniomania: Thank you!
Kitty Meow: I hate even wearing them around the house as they seem to increase my frequency of falling down stairs!
Flora poste: Yes, it is a rare day that I don't have red lips.
Heart of Pearl: Thank you sweetie.
Wendy B: and again.. Thank you Madame.
Docwitch: I'm very lucky to have some great blogger friends
PB: I'm not to great with Khaki and mustard yellow, but other than that I'm game.
Grant: So will we be seeing you in floral chiffon anytime soon? ;)