Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daily Outfit - Chinoiserie

Outfit Details: Dress - by Me, Shoes - Ana, Hair flower - Leopard Vixen Enterprises, Fragrance - Tokyo Dream.

Somewhere in the back of my closet I found a surprise today. About 3 years ago I made this dress for a party, then soon after discovered I was pregnant, (those two events were not related). It meant that this dress was relegated to the "I'll wear it again in the future" area of the closet, and hadn't been discovered again since. I found both the dress and a pair of suitable shoes, and was actually able to put an outfit together that felt a little more like my style even with the shoes.

The dress is made from a super stretchy lycra blend and has gold foiling in the print. I have no idea what it says ( please someone tell me if it is obscene). It was super easy to make and is super comfortable to wear. The print is like nothing I had seen before in these fabrics and I had to have it immediately.

As for the hair, I achieved this look with the help of a few hair combs to lift and push the top section into some height (no backcombing), and setting the rest in my famous pin curls for an hour or so. It turned out that I even had a matching hair flower in my stash, so a blue rose with requisite skull motive, topped the whole lot off. There is nothing better than being able to treasure hunt your own closet and still surprise yourself at the possibilities that lie within.


djStoreRoom said...

Your blog is truly lovly, as you are. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

oopss sorry not sure what happened with my comment..eeek

Michelle said...

just touching base with you to let you know that I love your blog. You have great style and love the detail that you go into :)

May said...

Dear superkawaiimama,

The kanji means springtime.
Straight from Japan.

PS, if you're still looking for fake grass/bento items, send an email to me, address is on my blog. I'm in rural Japan and have a lot of free time - plus I'd like to say thanks for all the style inspiration!!


Emer Ireland said...

Love the colors of the dress! Very pretty with your skin!

Meredith said...

Dicovered your blog yesterday and read it all from the start! It gives me a push!

Enjoy your pictures. Wish I had a fashion style like yours....

Here, it`s -35 celcius... my snow suit is looking good ;)

floraposte said...

Wow! Hope you went out somewhere nice to show off such a fabulous outfit!

WendyB said...

I think this might be one of my favorite looks -- the colors of the dress, the hair accessory, the hairstyle and the red lips!

Top Bird said...

You look amazing - I love the reds and blues contrasting with the pretty green foliage in the last pic. xx

Super Kawaii Mama said...

DJ Store: thank you.
Girl Japan: argg where did it go? Nasty Blogger..
Michelle: Thanks very much. :)
May: Thank you so much! that makes me want to wear it even more now.
Emer: It was a shade of blue and burgundy I'd never seen before and I think it works so well.
Meredith: Wow, that is A LOT of reading! Welcome.
Floraposte: Nothing special, but it is nice to feel special when it is hot and you just feel like wilting.
Wendy B: I could see a dress like this on you too.
Top Bird: Thanks. I sometimes get so bored of always taking my pics in the same place, but my schedule is fairly limiting when it comes to taking shots. And I love the way that you can always tell what season it is by watching that tree change.

vintage_girl said...

You look stunning! This red lipstick fits perfect and your smile is amazing! I discovered your blog few weeks ago and I really love it!
Best regards

OutsaPop said...

You look so happy and beautiful. What a lovely outfit!! :D

Shannon (A beautiful Dream) said...

Gorgeous outfit - i can't believe you made the dress, you clever thing! said...

I think its really cool.