Thursday, February 21, 2008

The T

As promised, here is the graphic of the T-Shirt that my bro S made for me. I just love this. He took the image from a photo of us at a Burlesque show (at which I was 8 months pregnant) and worked some Gocco Rocco magic with it. It's one of my favorite things to wear and I love the double-take you get from some people when wearing it. And no, those aren't our real names... they just seemed to fit.

I finally started to tackle the wardrobe issue too. The weather is perfect and both girls are asleep, so I really have no excuse. But of course I can't see the floor now. I have managed to get as far as emptying all the cartons and deciding what is going on Ebay, then photographing it all. Now begins the tedious process of listing it all. I'll give you all a heads up here when I list this collection of weird and wonderful on Ebay if you'd like to check it out.

I think that I will definitely follow Gala's advice and wear at least one piece of all the 'ify' items over the next few days to see how they make me feel. It's not that they are all terrible, but that perhaps they would look a lot better worn in different ways. I do think that I am really just plain bored of much of it and it would do much better to be adopted into a more appreciative home.

So now that I have procrastinated just a little more here, it's back to the coal face.


Hammie said...

Hi Super K, having a trawl through your back catalogue here!
Have you heard of a spanish duo called "Rodriguez Y Gabriel"?
An excellent guitars and harmonies group that were a couple but broke up, (a la Annie and Dave/Eurythmics) and they play in Dublin a lot.

That's who you are channelling in that photo.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Hi Hammie, Actually no I've never heard of them, but of course on the strength of that comment I'll have to go and google them now.