Saturday, February 23, 2008

Arming myself

I headed out yesterday to Brunswick in the hope of picking up some wicked fabric for a dress I need to make for an upcoming wedding. And as fate usually dictates, I found loads of other things I loved instead. I picked up loads of great stretchy, spangled , netted fabrics with the intent of making some sort of fingerless glove / sleeve type arrangement. After some sketching and planning, imagine my surprise to come across this post over at Style Bubble.
These incredible creations are from Glovedup. Check out there gallery for some more fabulous shots. I am in love with these! I don't have any great couture plans of wearing these with fabulous gowns, (as nice as that would be) but instead just funking up some jeans and T-shirt combos. I have been making some fabulous cuffs for a while now, and was looking for an alternative. So as soon as I have completed my versions I'll post some shots of their deliciousness here for your enjoyment.

Back to the proposed dress for upcoming wedding- I've got a great Vintage Butterick pattern from 1962 and did eventually purchase some gorgeous fabric. But as my camera cable has disappeared today, the photos of these will have to be forthcoming.

Can't wait to get cracking on some of these projects; but I had better finish the Great Wardrobe Clean Out first or I will have nowhere to sleep tonight.

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