Monday, February 25, 2008

New Pieces on Etsy

For those of you wondering when I would finally get my pieces up on Etsy - here they are! Although I love eBay for some things, selling my work there really wasn't the right forum. I have now separated my pieces into two places. All my own hand made work will be listed on Etsy and my vintage finds and personal wardrobe re-distribution ( for want of a better term) will be listed on eBay.
My new listings are part of my Gothic Lolita style range. They can be worn as part of an extreme style statement or dressed down, simply taking the girls to ballet as I did the other day. I love the blue cuffs with a grey T-Shirt and jeans combo. It makes a fairly plain and functional outfit something much more. Besides which, I get lots of ohh and ahhs from the other mums.
I'd love to hear some comments on these pieces and if you could see yourself working them into your wardrobe.

I am about to start work on some new pieces to add to my gym wear as I have a little more unexpected free time this week. My beloved was supposed to be home from Tokyo tonight, but got snowed in and had to miss his flights. :( Well I guess if you will go snowboarding you kinda have to expect snow!

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