Monday, February 25, 2008

Structure and Socks

This beach side outfit, seen on Helena Bonham Carter, for Sweeney Todd has me all a-flutter. What a fabulous movie on so many levels. I love it when Hollywood gets musicals right and you don't find yourself thinking, "oh, another song? When will they get back to the story?" Tim Burton's screen adaptation of Sweeney Todd is another triumph of gothic fantasy goodness. But it was this costume that got me thinking....

How does one dress for the tropics when it is only 20 degrees celcius outside?? Here is my dilemma. I take my daughter to swimming lessons once a week in a heated indoor pool, where the temperature inside is often 38 degrees with 99 % humidity. However, with Autumn upon us, the weather outside is often below 20 degrees and will only continue to drop. Now, I realize layering is the simple answer but I never like to be about "simple".

Perhaps I can channel some of the 'structure & socks' look of Helena's I so covet right now. That should give the 'old jeans and bad t-shirt brigade' something to talk about! Let's see what happens when I open the wardrobe tomorrow.

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