Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stylish Spoilers

Being the first of October today, it stands to reason that my November Marie Claire should arrive in the post box today. Here is a sneak peek at what it has to offer and my initial reactions. Please forgive the image quality, I shot these while reading on my lap holding a Semillion in the other hand.


I'm searching for the perfect wide brimmed summer hat and this is just the ticket. Although at $420 I may just be looking for its twin.


Just because it's a dress doesn't mean it's race wear! Aside from one DeLaRenta number, I'd classify these as perfect for everyday wear but certainly not special enough for the day of days on the racing calendar.


Great Hair! Simple, sexy, breezy and very glam.


A behind the scenes look at one of the most glamourous ladies of the silver screen Hedy LaMarr. Fabulous.


The rise and rise of Cosplay. So much fun, so kawaii and a good way to stay young on the inside.


Bad, bad overdrawn lips. A ten foot pole comes to mind for these.


Old Hollywood glamour and THE BEST shoes! On my summer wish list big time.


High waisted, rear laced bikini. Sexy, vintage and suitable for adult audiences. I think this just may be my perfect summer swim suit.


Betty Lou said...

love the shoes at the bottom, do you know where they are from?

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Betty Lou: The shoes are from Balenciaga. They don't list the price, and as they say if you have to ask you can't afford it! Hoping someone does a knock off of these.

Lil Midget said...

The rear lace bikini is to die for!

casey said...

I'm drooling over that bikini!! (Perhaps because I need a new swimsuit for my honeymoon, but egads! This one is gorgeous!!) Do you mind divulging who it's made by? I love all these inspiration, btw! :) Thanks for sharing!

thevintageyear said...

Complete agreement with you here about the 'racewear'. I loathe and detest all the 'skimpy excuse for a dress numbers on overtanned skin' styles that stumble around the spring racing carnival! I'm sure you could come up with something much better, you have fantastic 'classic, but still very sexy' style! The bikini is a case in point!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Lil Midget and Casey: The bikini is by Camilla and Marc ($179 excellent!)
The Vintage Year: Thank you! I intend to challenge the status quo in a big way this year.

enc said...

Too bad about the price tag on that hat.

I'm with you all the way on all these, but the bikini and the shoes are definitely my favorites.

esme and the lane way said...

Oh wow what a great edition (I've not read a MC here,. and had no idea it would be so interesting!) I LOOOOVE the old '40s glamur and icons – yay for Hedy Lamarr! And that is possibly the best swimsuit I've ever seen – it might be what gets me away from my usual big-shorts-big-teeshirt beachwear!

Too Many Shoes said...

OMG. The lace up bikini is to die for! It actually looks like it will suit the larger vintage vixens amongst us too.

I'm off to a Camilla & Marc stockist with next months pay cheque!

And I couldn't agree more with the dresses comment. I quite often have to hold my self back from shaking certain young things by the shoulders while screaming "Nightclub wear is NOT race wear!"

WendyB said...

Amazing bathing suit.

A dreamer said...

i wanted to go to manifest- it would have been so much fun.
that bikini is SEEXXY!!
How funny, I just found a september marie claire on my front lawn....and i took it. hahah, well it wasn't addressed to anyone!

Sister Wolf said...

Oooooh, best swimsuit ever! And Hedy Lamarr is truly gorgeous. Have you read her autobiography? It's the perfect Hollywood soap opera.

Alicia said...

You may find your hat's twin at Mimco for around $140. However, if you can hold off until January (a bit late for a hat I know...) you will score the same hats at around $30.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where to get the bikini from (store)? apparently it is not out over here yet :(