Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is not a very Australian tradition. In fact the main tradition associated with Halloween here is the lack of fan fare and the derision of those brave souls willing to take part. Most poor children are greeted with apples, a handful of beer nuts or a tin of tuna. But not at Chez SKM. I love any chance to dress up as you well know, so Halloween is high on my list of things to love. Whether the celebrations are small or large, I love the opportunity to decorate in theme and wheel out one of my many costumes for public consumption. The neighbours already think I am a little on the odd side, so why not stick with the theme?

Miss Four has been planning for the big event for the last couple of months. She's mapped out a trick or treat route, assembled a few costumes and even done a few sneaky trial trick or treating runs with a neighbourhood girl while Mama was out! So the table is laid, all scary and cute, and the huge dish of candy is by the front door. But where is Miss Four? All laid up on the sofa nursing a stomach bug and still professing her ability to hit the town. I'm not sure that her current "trick" is terribly hygenic though. Still, having a Four year old throw up on your porch could be pretty scary. So we may have to have a Halloween weekend here, as I don't plan to have an unexpected decoration on the lapel of my new costume.

But because I am already in Halloween mood, I have a few treats to hand your way.

Hello Kitty Halloween Themed Wallpapers. You'll find some Christmas ones here too just to get you started for the holiday season.

Hello Kitty Halloween E Cards. - You need to sign up for an account, but all the super cute stuff is so worth it.

Kawaii Monster Buttons. - But you'll have to be quick, only available today!

If you're feeling little more creative, try you hand at a kawaii bento box, like this one!

And to my fellow Australians, get yourself a fun pack of Snickers to keep by the door, because you just never know when a nauseous Four year old dress as Mulan may appear.

*My apologies for the absence of postings over the last few days. I am having both PC and connectivity issues at present, that are interrupting the normal order of things. Please bear with me whilst I whip the appropriate people. *


Fleur de Guerre said...

This shop is a fab source of Kawaii goodies, Halloween and non-Halloween!

Amy G. said...

I hope Miss Four is feeling better! My son missed two years ago for a stomach virus, and my husband drily observed that he was but a day ahead on the tummy-ache and we'd even sidestepped the candy. Halloween has gone a bit over the top in the US in my opinion; it used to be "enough" to put out a jack-o-lantern, dress up and go trick-or-treating, and now there are whole-house decorations with lights and special effects! We're sticking to the basics here. Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Ole es espanol! Suitably Halloween decorated pumpkins seen in a Barcelona supermarket - even though they profess to not celebrate this commercial occasion. Got the best flamenco costume for Miss Fours next Halloween - hope she is better real soon. Also hope your email conetivity is OK as I have seen a long direct email.

Simone said...

Love the bento box!! Can't wait to make some of those for my little pumpkin in a few years (she's 3 month old now...).

Danielle said...

oh - that bento box is awesome!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Fleur: Oh thank you! I'll have to check them out and add it to the list.
Amy G: Would he have been eating all that candy at two? I so enjoy that part of small childhood where you can just pretend things like sugar and soda don't exist. Miss Four is still concerned about Sugar that comes in those little packets that come with your coffee. She once asked me what it was and I proceeded to tell her about the chemical cocktail it was made of and made it all sound quite nasty. Its still working too. :) hehe
Anon: Thank you. That sounds awesome. The whole connectivity is a bit dodgy and the PC is in intensive care prior to surgery, but I did get your email. I'll be in touch soon.
Simone: Better start getting it in by six months to give her a taste for the flavours. Here there is enthusiasm for the look of the box but not much ends up eaten except by the baby.
Danielle: And it looks like a simple one too.

Hammie said...

Super Kawaii Sowen hey?
I love it. I love Halloween too and we celebrate it here in Ireland in all it's glory. My one rule is home made costumes only so Boo wore one cobbled together from his sister's stripey leggings, a black skivvy, his sister's benetton bubble skirt and a Dracular cape from a pound shop. That and a nylon swimming cap with black eyeliner drawn as an eye mask, and orange eyeshadow for his "beak" according to him he was Daffy Duck as "Duck Rodgers; Space Pirate"
He was absolutely delighted and still has the make-up on 24 hours later. So Happy Kawaii Halloween and I hope Miss 4 is over her chunder.
Oh, and I wore a black DVF with cats tail and cat ears. To go to the door and give out lollies all evening.
(Bratty wore a scowl, she didnt like the window decorations)

enc said...

These Halloween treats are better than any candy.

I hope Miss Four recovered, and that her Halloween wasn't completely ruined!

Robo said...

Aw poor Miss Four! I'm sure she looked uber-cute in whatever costume she chose, even if she was stuck on the sofa. The bento box was awesome, as well. I missed most of the trick-or-treaters because I was travelling home from a business trip, but my friends, boyfriend, and I had our Halloween shenanigans a week earlier.

Oh, congrats also on your peer awards :) I don't have an award to give, but I do love your blog, and I tagged you on mine to answer a couple of random questions.